Your addiction, our pleasure ..


„The American“ with crackling spread and sprouts .. 75

„The American“ with red pepper spread, radishes and chia seeds .. 80

„The Englishman“ with duck confit, beet root and horseradish .. 80

Pached eggs with pumpkin, rocket, Feta cheese and sage oil .. 90

Brioche with fried egg, fermented cauliflower, spinach and grilled pancetta .. 85

Baked cabbage cake with sour cream & dill .. 75

Sourdough pancake with blueberries, curd cheese and basil sugar .. 85

Soup of the day .. 50

Salad of the day

plus toasts, sandwiches, sweet buns, cakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies etc.

Part of Palmovka's bakery / roastery is home for our second EMA espresso bar, model Libeň ver. 2017, which means extended by kitchen. We offer small, simple, but first of all tasty dishes, focused quite a lot on the bakery products. Coffee is mostly our own Alf & Bet beans with minimum of hosting roasteries.


ESPRESSO .. single 50 / double 65
MILK .. 15 / 10 / 5

own cup .. -5

loose tea, hot chocolate, fresh, beer, wine, homemade lemonade