simply .. coffee & bread .. on maximum

Some really tasty changes in our menu are on ..

Have a look!

Our coffee tubes! #reusable #nomorebags

No need to ignore this hood anymore .. 

.. because that's the place where grass grows recently. At lease one slightly insane group of people decided to make bread and coffee the way so even their grand grandchildren won't feel shame.

Hit the road and deliver yourself to our old button warehouse, what a place. We store beans instead of buttons though and from the oven we pull out breads that will change your universe perception ..


Fun begins, we finally roast! We are learning, long journey ahead. But you bet we want to give you the best from the world of coffee .. #beanbutchers


Getting freshly baked bread out of the oven is priceless. Running dough, craft, ecstasy.  Forget your supermarket, this is bread .. #doughcatchers


We roast, we bake and .. we cook! Breakfast, soup, quick lunch, take-away sandwich. Directly from the oven, smell, taste, smile .. #foodlovers

Palmovka life .. #alfabetprague

Check on the way life goes here. Actually, in real it is much better than you see on these one-hand while running shots ..

It's a small step for coffee but giant leap for us! We're celebrating a small Christmas for in July as we just got the @ikawacoffee sample roaster 🎄 it's so AWESOME! . #alfabetprague #ikawa…

We're really grateful we have our logo on these coffee bags! Thanks @inconexus 💚 . #alfabetprague #specialtycoffee #coffeebag #greencoffee #cafedecolombia #sca #kafezpalmovky

Last week we brewed some of our coffees from @inconexus at WoC in Berlin! It was really crowded but it was great fun! Everyone seemed curious about our coffee tubes... 🤔😎 Anyway, see you all next year…

Čech k sežrání ...

New coffees on the table 🍍🍐🍓🍑🍒🍋🍉🍇🍊🍏☕ . #alfabetprague #specialtycoffee #coffee #kafezpalmovky #cupping

Přátelé, od 1.6.2019 rušíme rezervace na chleba. Bohužel se stávalo čím dál častěji, že si zákaznící udělali rezervaci a pak už si chleba nevyzvedli. My tak během dne nemáme pomalu co prodávat a večer…

Tak jsme si pořídili rozvalovačku 🎁 .. a další sranda může začít. Naše první croissanty .. celkem jedlý, úlet! #maslozrouti .. We got a laminator, yes! .. Next level of fun is about to begin. Check…

Tomorrow is bank holiday so we're open as on weekend 🙂 and don't worry, we'll have these baked brown balls of gluten 😎 . @lucaskozel 🙏 📷 . #zitrajakoovikendu #alfabetprague #chlebakyzpalmovky

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